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Lab Facilities

Engineering Practice Laboratory

Engineering Practice laboratory is equipped with tools and equipment for fitting, carpentry, and foundry and welding. Workshop comprises of Pipe Vice, Bench vice, Carpentry vice, Hack saw, Hand saw, Scriber, Centre punch, Steel rule, Vernier caliper, Try square, Surface plate, Angle plate, Cutting plier, Straight snip, Mortise chisel, Flat smooth file, Letter punch, Number punch, Flat rough file, Square smooth file, Firmer chisel, Sledge hammer, Wooden mallet, Triangular rough file, Hand drilling machine (wood), Brace drill U type, Divider, G clamp, Pipe wrench, Wooden jack plane, Square rammer, Strike off bar, Wooden work table, Smithy air blower, Centrifugal pump, Jig Saw, Angle Grinder mini, Angle iron, foundry patterns, Runner, Riser, Tap wrench, Hand shearing machine and Rotary drilling machine.

Special facilities in welding lab comprises of Arc welding transformer, Earth clamp, Welding face shield, Gas hose, Goggles, Welding torch, Tongs-flat, Tongs-half round, Nylon hammer, Chipping hammer, Cotton apron, Welding hand gloves, Wire brush are available in the laboratory

Course Outcome

Apply the knowledge of pipeline connections to household fittings and industrial buildings. C Prepare the different joints in roofs, doors, windows and furniture. Perform step turning operation in a lathe. Perform the various welding processes and know about its applications. Produce a funnel using sheet metal

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Manufacturing laboratory is equipped with facilities such as Centre lathe, Horizontal Milling machine, Vertical Milling machine, Shaper, Turret lathe, Capston lathe, Surface grinding machine, Cylindrical grinding machine, Radial drilling machine, Lathe tool dynamometer, Milling tool dynamometer, Gear hobbing machine, Tool maker’s microscope, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, Planner and Slotting machine are available in the laboratory.

Course Outcome

Perform the taper turning operation for a given specification. Perform thread cutting operation as per the diagrams and compare with standard thread gauges. Calculates the eccentricity value for the required stroke length and practice eccentricity turning operation in a lathe. Produce square head using shaper machine as per given drawing and estimate the machining time

Thermal Laboratory

Thermal laboratory is equipped with Four stroke single cylinder diesel engine with electrical loading, Four stroke two cylinder diesel engine with hydraulic loading, Four stroke single cylinder diesel with mechanical loading, Two stroke petrol engine cut section, Four stroke diesel engine cut section, Redwood viscometer, Flash and fire point apparatus, Refrigeration cycle test Rig, Air-conditioner test Rig, air compressor, LPG Refrigeration test Rig, Pin fin apparatus, Parallel & counter flow heat exchanger, Stephen boltsman apparatus, Lagged pipe apparatus, Natural and forced convection apparatus and Emissivity measurement apparatus are available in the laboratory.

Course Outcome

Sketch the valve timing diagram and port timing diagram for single cylinder four stroke diesel engine and two stroke petrol engine. Calculate the mechanical efficiency of four stroke SI engine by Morse test. Evaluate the performance of four stroke single cylinder CI engine & Predict actual diagram. Evaluate the performance of steam generator and steam turbines. Measure the flash and fire point of various fuel/lubricants.

Metrology and Measurement Laboratory

Metrology and measurement laboratory is equipped with Autocollimator, Sine bar, Slip gauge, Bevel protractor, Vernier height gauge, Vernier caliper, Surface plate, Tool maker’s microscope, Screw micrometer, Mechanical and Pneumatic comparator, Electrical comparator, Optical comparator, Profile projector, Vernier depth gauge, Temperature measuring setup, Displacement measuring setup, Force measuring setup, Vibration measuring setup, Torque measuring setup, Floating carriage micrometer are available in the laboratory.

Course Outcome

Check the dimensions and the dimensional deviations of given parts. Inspect the dimensions, angularity and parallelism of a given component. Construct the torque characteristic curves to various loads at various distances. Evaluate the straightness of surfaces and determine size of irregularities on a machined surface. Measure the vertical distances or height of objects, taper angle of slope for a given component, various parameters of threads and gear wheel.

Dynamics Laboratory

Dynamics laboratory has facilities like Turn table apparatus, Universal joints- single & double, Models of gear train, Vibration setup, Universal governor apparatus, Static and dynamic balancing apparatus, Digital stroboscope, Digital tachometer, Multi degree freedom. It has vibration lab apparatus such as whirling of shaft, torsion vibration single and two rotor system, longitudinal vibration with single beam and torsion vibration with viscous damping in the laboratory.

Course Outcome

Review the various types of gears, gear trains, kinematic mechanisms, and universal joints. C Estimate the mass moment of inertia of axi-symmetric objects using Turn table apparatus, bi-filar suspension, compound pendulum and natural frequency for single and double rotor systems, equivalent spring mass system and transverse vibration of cantilever beam. Inspect the critical speed of shaft under the given load conditions and the gyroscopic effect and couple on motorized gyroscope. Sketch the characteristic curves of Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors and motion curves for the given cam follower setup. Examine the balancing of rotating masses in dynamic balancing machine.

Mechatronics Laboratory

Mechatronics laboratory is equipped with facilities like basic Hydraulic and pneumatic kit, electro-pneumatic kit, PLC controller pneumatic trainer kit, PLC controller, PLC trainer kit, PID controller, servo controller interfacing for closed loop & open loop, capacitance transducers. The laboratory has software like LAB VIEW 8.2.1 for data Acquisition and simulation purposes.

Course Outcome

Create the program for arithmetic functions and the program for sorting, code conversion functions. Formulate the program codes to interface with traffic light controller and stepper motor. Compare the set speed with actual speed of DC motor by interfacing suitable speed sensors. Integrate all the hydraulic, pneumatic and electro pneumatic circuits by using simulation software. Analyze the real images and template images based on image processing techniques.

CAD / CAM Laboratory

Software such as AutoCAD 2009 for 2D drafting and 3D modeling is available in the laboratory. It is equipped with analysis software like ANSYS 12.5.

Course Outcome

Create 2D and 3D models using modeling software. Understand the CNC control in modern manufacturing system. Prepare CNC part programming and perform manufacturing. Create the CL Data and Post process generation using CAM packages. Apply CAPP in Machining and Turning Centre.

Strength of Materials Laboratory

Mechatronics laboratory is equipped with facilities like universal tensile testing machine with double shear attachment, Torsion testing machine, Impact testing machine, Rockwell hardness, Spring testing machine, Metallurgical microscope and Muffle furnace.

Course Outcome

Evaluate the values of yield stress, breaking stress and ultimate stress of the given specimen under tension test. Conduct the torsion test to determine the modulus of rigidity of given specimen. Justify the Rockwell hardness test over with Brinell hardness and measure the hardness of the given specimen. Examine the stiffness of the open coil and closed coil spring and grade them. Analyze the microstructure and characteristics of specimen.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

The Fluid Mechanics laboratory is designed to examine the properties of fluids and to conduct experiments involving both incompressible and compressible flow. It is an introductory course where flow behavior, fluid forces and analysis tools are introduced. This lab is equipped with facilities like venturimeter, orifice meter, Reciprocating pump, Centrifugal pump, Impulse turbine, Reaction turbine.

Course Outcome

Calculate the coefficient of discharge for Orifice meter and Venturimeter. Calibrate the Rotameter and Estimate the friction factor for flow through pipes. Predict performance characteristics of centrifugal pump and submergible pump. Predict performance characteristics of reciprocating pump and gear pump. Predict performance characteristics of turbines.

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