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Innovative Teaching

INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODOLOGY(Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning)

Innovative teaching is a proactive approach to integrate new teaching strategies and methods. It is widely recognized as a key way of achieving competitive advantage. Here are the appropriate methods, which we use for innovation in Teaching and Learning Process.

  • Faculty members posted their subjects’ lesson plan, e-learning resources, assignments and question bank in the Institution website and intranet portal (IMPRES) for students’ access and utilization. As above mentioned things are open access to the public, anyone can access, review, develop and reproduce in their works.
  • To contribute to the improvement of students learning, Innovative ICT based teaching facilities such as LCD projectors are effectively used by the faculty members.
  • Each class is refreshed by the student for five minutes regarding the contents taught in last class before starting to enhance the learning process and the same is accomplished by another student at the end of the class.
  • Eminent personalities from various Institutions / Industries are giving their valuable lectures in the recent development of the subject.
  • Career development courses which can add value to students are in progress to support placement activities.
  • Placement trainings are being conducted to enhance students’ placements. Internal trainers from Placement and Training Cell train our students both in problem solving and communication. Online placement test series are enabled for students where they can practice and equip themselves anywhere inside and outside of the campus.
  • Two faculty members are engaged to conduct and evaluate tutorial classes.
  • Instructional delivery and Methodologies

    i) Computer-assisted learning:

  • Our department has 80 computers, 3 application software’s and 10 system software. These are effectively used for teaching. Many final year students’ projects are completed through the use of these software’s.
  • ii) Project-based learning:

  • During the period of study, students are encouraged to do many real time projects which are guided by both faculty and Industry/Research persons.
  • iii) Experimental learning:

  • Students do 2 to 3 laboratory courses per semester from 1st to 7th semesters. More than the required number of experiments, specified by the university is conducted in these labs. All the laboratories have excellent hardware and software based facilities. For the experiments, detailed instruction manuals are provided. The observations are checked and verified by faculty and record notes are maintained systematically. Two faculty members and one instructor are assigned for each practical class. Videos for all topics are available in the departments as well as in the library.
  • iv) Active Learning and Seminars:

    To focus the responsibility of learning on learners, active learning was introduced by our faculty on different subjects.

  • Peer learning was encouraged for our students to improve their listening and learning skills.
  • To understand the theoretical concepts easily, activity based learning are adopted and conducted.
  • Mini projects were given to the students to enhance their creativity.
  • To encourage self learning ability, seminars are given to students.
  • v) Tutorial Classes:

  • Tutorial periods are conducted in order to give exercises to the students and also to monitor their learning ability closely. Courses which require more practice, includes critical thinking or programming are provided with tutorial hours. Those courses are given with one tutorial hour per week. Tutorial hours are specially marked in the time table and the lesson plan with predefined activities is prepared before the starting of the course.
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