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Industrial Visit

19 Nov, 2022
Industrial Visit

Salzer Electronics Limited made its debut in the electrical industry with an aim to design, develop manufacture and supply CAM operated Rotary switches, selector switches, wiring ducts, volt meter switches and allied products. It was incorporated in the year 1985. This company has introduced its own new products such as ‘s’ line series phase changing control panels and switch fuse units in the year 1990. This company has so many amazing facts which was very surprised us.

We reached the factory at 12:30pm. Before entering the factory, we had our lunch we shared all of our foods with each other, it seems very lovely. Then we entered the factory, said “HI” to the watchman uncle, an engineer-in-charge of production received us at the entrance and gave a brief introduction about the factory. He was a well experienced engineer.

Then he took us around from one section to the next and explained the process involved in the making of electronical equipment. Like electrical switches cam rotary switches and modules switches and specially we were explained about the power bunk manufacturing which is very interesting and new to the industries. Definitely the e-vehicles going to create an impact in the future. And also we felt proud to be a electrical engineer while hearing about the power bunk manufacturing, cable ducts, cam operated rotary switches sensors, change over switches and solar isolators, general purpose relays, load breaks and photo voltaic switches, limit and foot switches, terminal connectors, customized control panels, industrial plug and socket, motor control product like contactors and over load relays, UL approved MCB’S , transformers like inductors and chokes, three phase lamination transformers, wires and cables and street light controllers etc.. these are the products manufactured by Salzer Electronic Limited.

Specially the workers were doing the work concentrated. Everyone was wearing headphones to protect their ears from the unwanted heavy noises causes by the machines.

Finally, the visit came to an end at 3:15pm. We left the premises at 3:30pm. It was very informative, interesting and successful visit. As students of electrical engineering we learned a few electronics applications and about our core field.

We express our thanks to the principal who permitted us to go on the visit. the faculty members who accompanied us and the officials who explained the various applications and products. Behalf of students I request you to arrange more industrial visit for students which can practically train the students.

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